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Workshops Presented By Gifted Spirit Communications

Anne Six of Gifted Spirit Communications has presented her workshops at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, Massachusetts, as well as at Toastmaster International Conferences and to various church groups within Massachusetts. Anne is available to speak on the following topics.

Personal Development Workshops
  • Building Your Personal Platform: How to sell yourself. Effective ways to build your confidence.
  • Mapping out your Destination: Simple three step way to set and reach any goal.
Writing Workshops
  • How Can I Begin To Write?:
  • How To Self Publish And Promote Your Work: How to begin to promote before you publish, hints on how to set up book signings. How to begin to research the way you want to publish.
Spiritual Workshops
  • Bible Study Programs: Study the characters of the Bible, or stories of the life of Jesus. Interactive creative imaging where you become part of the story.
  • The Art of Prayer - An Act of Love: Leaning to pray workshop. Experiencing different types of prayer in an interactive presentation.
  • Teen Confirmation Retreats / Speaking For Church Groups: Spiritual teachings - "Gifts of the Spirit, the 23rd Psalm the rest of the story, interactive games, ending with a meditation on the passion of Jesus. /li>
Other Programs Upon Request: Contact Anne Six directly at 978-372-9913 or via e-mail at

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