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Anne T. Six, Author

98 pages; Perfect bound
Catalogue #04-2148
ISBN 1-4120-4340-9
US$16.00, C$19.00
Trafford Publishing

Muses Along The Way: A Spiritual Journey
by Anne T. Six

Muses Along The Way is a simple book, a child-like spiritual journal, about meeting God and learning through scripture, prayer and His guidance how to walk with Him daily through the every day experience of family life.

The title of the book, Muses Along The Way, comes from the feeling of always pondering and trying to understand as events were unfolding.

My desire in writing this book is that others may recognize through sharing our experience that God has already been working in their lives in simple ways. Excerpts from Muses Along The Way: A Spiritual Journey

The first words I heard the Lord speak in my inner heart and spirit on the retreat were, "I know you can't think, reason, or love, but lean on me; I can do all things." For the first time in months I felt at peace. My mind which had been spinning out of control came to rest.

The first chapter, "Desperation Street" shows how God loves us even when we can't love ourselves. The beginnings of our infant steps, as we learned to walk with Jesus. How his teachings filled with gentle loving kindness met us in our everyday needs. ~The lessons so simple and clear, that we could understand them.

My prayer for the first year of our walk always began: "Forgive me Lord if I am praying wrong, I don't know any other way."

As you read this and see in our lives how God taught us about His, I pray that God's love will bless you, and that you would hunger to know more of him.

Note: the book cover painting, A Path Through Autumn, is by Anne's daughter, Elizabeth Benson, of Dove Haven Studio.

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